Our hope at Trade for Freedom is to bring freedom, dignity, and hope to those who need it most by fighting modern-day slavery and extreme poverty through job creation and Christian discipleship.

The devastating magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Nepal on 4/25 did not change our mission, rather it reinforced the need for long-term, ethical employment in Nepal.  Vulnerabilities increase after such tragedies and without proper employment, many people are lured into exploitation.  You can help prevent this exploitation in Nepal simply buying products, hosting a party, or becoming a Freedom Advocate.  Through each avenue you are sustaining ethical employment and creating new jobs for women who are rebuilding their lives during this difficult time.

Host A Party!

Discover a fun and practical way to be a part of the movement to end modern-day slavery! Invite your friends over for a night of fun, snacks, and beautifully hand-crafted products. Earn great rewards and set a life free!

 Become An Advocate!

Join our team of passionate advocates and start connecting compassionate consumers with the opportunity to help end modern-day slavery by making purchases that save lives.
Earn 20% on every sale, create your own schedule, and set lives free!
Contact Mat and Becky, zellars@tradeforfreedom.com, to get involved today!