PHIL & MEL:  Co-founders

What does it take to bring HOPE physically and spiritually?

This has been our question for more than a decade as we have traveled and worked in over 50 countries.  Striving to change unjust systems, protect children, provide medical services and be a light in the darkness; Afghanistan, Sudan, Kenya, Albania, and Nepal are a few of the countries in which we have worked, loved and made our home.

We believe all people should enjoy freedom, dignity, and hope.   Trade for Freedom was born out of this desire.

We pray that this business glorifies our Lord Jesus.  We are honored that you are visiting and joining us on this journey.

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Trade for Freedom @Home, Partners

What’s Next? That is the question Becky and I asked ourselves and God after coming home to the States. We had taken our three young children and moved to a remote town in the mountains of Albania. For 2 ½ years we taught English, discipled students, and helped the poor. Somehow slipping back into the daily routine of American life didn’t seem possible. We started asking God to show us our next step of faith. I, in particular, prayed for the opportunity to start a business with a friend that would do real good in the world and impact the lives of others through the love of Christ.

It was precisely at this point that I received an email from our dear friends, Phil and Mel Ewert, saying that God had put it on their hearts to start a company that would give freedom, dignity, and hope for tomorrow to those who have been or are in danger of becoming modern-day slaves. I knew at that moment that Trade for Freedom was our next step of faith. Becky and I are so excited to be heading up the direct sales effort we’re calling Trade for Freedom @ Home. Attend a home party, host a party, or become an advocate and be part of the movement to end modern slavery in this generation!

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ALYSUN:  Graphic Design Manager


Hi, I’m Alysun, wife to a hardworking farmer in Oregon and mom and homeschool teacher to four delightfully cantankerous children (ages 10, 7, 5, and 2). I have a background in photography and enjoy design whether its decorating my farmhouse or working with images and fonts on the computer. I am the Graphic Design Manager for Trade for Freedom and love working with Phil and Mel on this worthy project. In my little corner of hometown America, I deeply desire to make a difference in sharing God’s love and preventing trafficking in Nepal.

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LARISSA: Creative and Social Media Manager

Hi, I’m Larissa Murphy and I live in Pennsylvania with my husband Ian. I work full time in Marketing at a local bank and serve part time with Trade for Freedom managing social media and creativity. My husband and I wrote our first book in 2014, Eight Twenty Eight: When Love Didn’t Give Up, and we continue to share our story on our blog,  I hope that the work I do in my life will help change the world and let people see God’s unending love for them.

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EMILY: Social Media Intern

Hey, all! Emily here, I am tasked with the great opportunity to partner with various women in Nepal an India by representing their products and journeys through Trade for Freedom’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles. Thank you for supporting their work and believing in the power of God, sustaining and strengthening them as they work to rebuild their lives.

I am a senior in college, studying Sociology/Human Services in the state of Pennsylvania, USA. My husband and I are worship leaders at our local church. We love to eat delish home cooked food, hang out with our friends, and visit family. My favorite scripture comes from 1 Timothy 4:12.
“ Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young,
but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love,
in faith and in purity.”